Friday, May 1, 2009

Easter...a little late!

We began our Easter holiday at Matt's parents' house with the annual Easter egg hunt.
It was great to spend time with family!
We don't get to see them as often as we used to, so it's so fun when we get together.

Emma's newest word?..."egg".
She learned very quickly that most of the eggs were filled with candy.
So everytime she picked up an egg, she would shake it and then try to open it.
Very fun!

Check out Hannah's bucket. It's clear full of eggs! And she wasn't even done!

Aubrie is always good to stop and pose for a pic...

Mikaela, however, did not want to be bothered in her hunt for eggs!
This is her, "Fine! Just hurry and take the picture, Mom!" face.
She is driven and determined and even managed to find the highest money egg!

Connor knows that the high money eggs are usually hidden in tough places.
So I found him clear back behind this trailer. He left no stone unturned!

The kids with the Easter Emma - she avoided him like the plague,
but kept watching him out of the corner of her eye to make sure he didn't get too close!

Easter morning...Emma finds her stuff. Notice the yellow chickie peeps?
I'll tell you a story about that later.

Hannah and her stuff!

Aubrie, posing just right.

Mikaela...gorgeous, even first thing in the morning!

Connor...still loves Easter morning. He calls it a "mini-Christmas"!

Apparently Kyler isn't too old to get a visit from the Easter bunny!
(Notice the egg hiding in the angel on the wall!)

And this was the biggest hit of all! We got baby chicks!
Matt put this girl scout cookie box in the dining room without the kids knowing.
All of a sudden, you could hear cheaping, but you couldn't tell where it was coming from.
The kids started running all over the house, giggling, looking for the source.
They are so used to seeing girl scout cookie boxes laying around the house,
that they kept running right past it.
It was very funny and very exciting!

My kids are such animal lovers! They LOVE these chicks!

They spent most of the afternoon playing with them!

Ok - so, story time! Remember the yellow chickie peeps in Emma's basket? Well, Matt's brother, Mark had brought us these chicks the week before Easter. We kept them hidden in the shed in our backyard. All during that week, Matt would secretly take Emma out to see the chicks. He said that she was a little freaked out by them. She wanted to see them, but she kept her distance. Well, when she saw those peeps in her basket, she FREAKED!! She immediately threw them on the floor and started climbing on me. We tried to show her that they were marshmallows and she could eat them. She didn't want anything to do with them. She just kept crying and pushing them away. Later that day, we convinced her to take a bite and she liked it. But by the look on her face, I don't think she could figure out why we were encouraging her to eat a chick. I hope she doesn't get any ideas about the real chicks...

Here they are in all their new Easter clothes glory!