Friday, January 23, 2009

Remember Me?!

I have felt relatively uninspired in the blogging area of my brain lately.
Maybe I just needed a break after the holidays.
Or maybe I need to get off of Facebook ocassionally...

Here are some pics of our holiday!

Gotta love Christmas jammies!

Our cute kids waiting patiently on the stairs before the "big reveal"!

Emma's new slide!

Hannah's new ride! (I think she likes it!)

Connor...pleased with his gifts!

Christmas mom was able to be with us, too!

More chaos...I didn't think this room would ever be clean again!

This picture was too cute not to share! Emma loves Hannah's jeep, too.
And apparently, clothing is optional when driving a Barbie jeep.
Actually, for Emma, clothing is always optional.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Can Sew!

I did it! I sewed my mom an apron for Christmas
and it only took me a month...well it actually only took me about 6 total working hours.
But I had to either wait until Emma was asleep or
Matt was home to keep Hannah and Emma from "helping" me.
I am excited to find another project to start!
Any cute, easy ideas for an amateur seamstress?