Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Have You Heard The News?!

NOPE, I'm not expecting #6...;)

I started teaching Sunshine Generation again! For those of you who aren't familiar with Sunshine, it is a children's performing group that I taught in Orem for 9 years. Singing and dancing with kids=pure heaven for me!! I didn't think I would start up a group down here, but after living down here for a year, I can see that they need a program like it and I missed teaching! My kids were even missing it! I did a summer camp last month and it went great! I will start teaching weekly classes in mid-September. I'm so excited and I actually think that despite Circleville being a very small town, Sunshine will be successful! Here are some pics from the show!

Aubrie, Bailey(my niece), Tiahna(another niece), me, Kyler(my nephew), Connor, Mikaela, Hannah, and cute little Emma down front!

Hannah's Class (she is on the top right)

Aubrie's Class (she is bottom right)

Kyler, Connor, Tiahna (in black),Bailey (2nd from left on bottom), Mikaela (bottom right)

Yes, that is my son Connor, the ham, posing like a girl in the back!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wait Till You See This!!

So apparently my oldest daughter takes after her father in his love of fishing and other gross stuff! Here are some amazing pictures of Mikaela and her daddy on a fishing trip with a guy from our ward who was kind enough to invite them out on his boat. He even let Mikaela drive! She had a blast! Now Matt spends his time searching the classifieds for a fishing boat...we have created a monster!

What a woman!!