Thursday, May 31, 2007

??? Davis # 5????

Baby DAVIS- We will update this in the next little while when the stork decides to bring the package.

Hannah the "BANANA"

Hannah is the little joy of the whole family for another little while till the baby comes. She is now starting to chatter up a storm. She will repeat all words said to her even if you make up words she will try them. She also is in the stage of knowing her diaper is yucky and will take it off wherever she is. Maybe it's time to start the potty training. Maybe Matt can do this since Carrie will have her hands full with the little new bundle. Hannah is an outside lover and is always trying to get outside with anyone going. How much fun can be had with this little one.

Aubrie"the BRAIN"

Aubrie is offically out of Preschool and will be in the big "K" next year. She is really excited to go every day now and get away from the side of her Mom, Yeah Right. She will do good and have lots of fun though. She loves to play with her little friend Addy all day and almost every day. She has just learned how to ride a two wheel bike but doesn't do it to much for fear of falling and getting hurt. She is aslo a good big sister to her younger sister Hannah. She really loves to sing and dance around the house.

"Sweetie Petitie" the other Mom

Mikaela is the spunk for the whole family. She always knows how to get the most out of everyone. When she sets her mind to something you better watch out and get out of the way because she is determined to finish the task. Mikaela has a couple of nice dance moves she displayed for us at the schools year end dance festival. What a special young lady and even a great big sister to the three others that follow, not to mention a huge help to Carrie.

"NANA" the man of the house

Connor is the big brother to all. He is an awesome example to his little sisters and is a great young boy to boot. He is excited for the new move and adventure down south. He will miss his friends but is hoping to make more. He is one of the top students in his grade and very interested in reading up on anything he gets interested in. He knows more about some things than even his parents especially his dad. Infact he helped me edit this blog. He just finished his pinewood derby car and raced it last week. It was fun!. He's excited to start the summer. Beware Circleville girls here comes NANA.

The WonderMom of the Universe

is nearing the end of a long journey and wow is she ever so glad. Carrie has been in high demand the last little while and actually held up pretty good even though the picture says otherwise. She always needs her beauty sleep though. She will be selling her Sunshine Generation group to another lady who seems excited to take the reigns. Carrie is sad but is excited at the same time. The last few days she has been having some pretty good contractions and the doctor at the last appointment thought that it would be this week some time considering the measurements he gave her. How does she do what she does? What an awesome (hot) mama!!

The Big Cheese

Matt of course is the one that gets all the work done around the house as you can see. What a big couch muffin and thats worse than the other alternative . Matt has recently been asked by the Church to move locations after spending 6 glorious years with the Mighty "Bulldawgs" at Provo High Seminary. He will be moving to a smaller faculty down in Junction Utah. The staff consists of many different types just depending on what Matt ate for dinner the previous night, no, really it's just him by his lonesome. He is excited to venture out and try a new experience. He is bummed out though because of the move the garden will not be planted this year. Now where will he go when Carrie is mad at him(I suppose he will jump on the 4wheeler and go for a long ride). He will miss all the people who he has befriended at the seminary and other close friends but will be gaining new friends down in Circleville.